Shopping Estate Sales For Furniture


Estate sales are ideal places to buy furniture.  Not only can you get great deals, but with luck you can end up with some unique designer or mid-century modern pieces noted for quality.  But don’t go into it blindly!   Here are some quick tips to guide you on your furniture-buying adventures:

Plan ahead…

First things first:  check out  on Wednesdays to find upcoming sales in your area. You can search by your city or zip to easily map out where you’re going to shop.  Individual estate sales companies also post pictures of items on sale,  giving you a preview of what’s in store.  Get there early to beat out your shopping competition.

It’s all about the quality…

Furniture at estate sales is often made of solid wood, and when taken care of properly can last forever.  But just because it’s wood, doesn’t mean it’s good quality.  Be sure to  look at how pieces are made and  keep in mind that things like fiberboard or plywood won’t stand the test of time.

Check out the upholstery…

Ask if you can remove the cushions on sofas and chairs  to get a better look. Good upholstery jobs will align patterns. Is the padding intact? Check for smoke or pet smells that you may have trouble getting out.  Put everything to the sniff test.

Think DIY…

Ignore scuffs and markings, and consider how you might rehab that shabby piece into something chic. Remember that a lot can be done with a paint job. See Pinterest for some DIY pointers on giving new life to that antique dresser or credenza.

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